TaxMaster automates repetitive administrative procedures, relieving staff of administrative work and enabling them to apply their resources towards other important responsibilities. It offers tax consultants and accountants across-the-board control over tax administrative operations in the firm.

Fail-proof administering-Personal Assistant

TaxMaster includes a dedicated Personal assistant feature with a reminder system that alerts you to daily tasks and status reports of all matters that require attention. This feature greatly decreases the amount of time needed to accomplish a task. Instead of communicating face to face with other members of the organisation on minor issues, an integrated messenger system connects the whole organisation.

Administrational Tools-Power Tool of Tax Consultant
Time Management
Everyday operations become much smoother as everyone from top level management to field staff, have a clear directive on proceedings at any given time. All tasks have an immaculate feel as there is a fail-safe system of reminders and schedules. Not only does the organisation benefit internally, client accounts are also systematically updated and administered in a professional manner, with consistent reminders that can be adjusted according to organisational policies, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

Account management system

All client tax statuses, billing statuses, payments, personal details and correspondences are systematically arranged, in line with TaxMaster's zero-tolerance policy for inefficiency within ] the organisational structure. TaxMaster is designed to handle tax accounts of any size. This feature keeps track of your client's tax liability with the Inland Revenue Board either as an individual, as a group, or in total for the whole firm.

Custom-configured letter and form templates

In addition to the automated message generator, TaxMaster also has a full arsenal of standard letter and form templates such as reminders for filing of Form B/C, CP204 tax estimation and re-estimation and outstanding tax liability all in a letter format. TaxMaster boasts a configurable template base complete with company letterhead for almost every form of standard letter format.

Accessibility-Work Anywhere, Anytime

TaxMaster harnesses the true power of the Internet, as a platform that truly defines accessibility, freedom, and flexibility without ever compromising efficiency. Anywhere in the world, your clients and staff do not need to be alienated while you are away from work. Clients can still access their tax records at any time. TaxMaster does its best to revolutionise the way you work, making sure you remain productive

Whatever your organisational policies might be now or in the future, rest assured TaxMaster will be your most dedicated employee. The TaxMaster team is constantly looking for ways to improve the package, ensuring value for our valued customers.

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